Making The Best Use Of Interactivities In E-Learning Courses

Is your e-learning course putting your learners to sleep? How can you overcome this problem and make your people actively participate in the learning process? What does it take to design e-learning courses that engage your staff members effectively? Well, you need to make the course interactive.

Interactivities in online courses go a long way in grabbing the attention of learners. They enable them reflect on the information and get hold of the intended message effectively. Interactivities help your people retain information longer and facilitate effective knowledge transfer, as they allow the learners process information thoroughly. They simulate the mental faculties of the learners, and needless to say, this makes learning very effective. Check out the presentation how to Keep Learners Awake to know more about interactivities used in e-learning courses. The presentation:

  • Provides valuable insights into the use of interactivities in online courses
  • Shares the best practices of using interactivities in e-learning courses
  • Dispels the myths surrounding online learning interactivities
  • Explains various types of interactivities used in technology-enabled learning programs
  • Lists commonly used interactivities in online courses

So, access the presentation now!