Learning Objectives - The Cornerstones of Online Courses

Training Challenges and E-learning Solutions Summit 2018

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How can you build effective online courses? What does it take to design an e-learning course that produces the desired results? Well, you need to focus on one of the most important aspect of online coursed design - framing proper learning objectives.

Learning objectives are specific and measurable statements that explain what learners will be able to do after completing a training program. As the self-paced online learning format is instructor-agonistic, learning objectives are the only means to guide learners in e-learning courses and ensure they are "on track" and align them with the expected outcomes. Well-framed learning objectives ensure that the course content is relevant and facilitate effective learning. They form the basis for determining the duration and cost of the online course.

Check out the presentation How to Set Learning Objectives to frame meaningful learning objectives for your online course. The presentation:

  • Lists the aspects you need to consider to come up with learning objectives
  • Describes the process of defining learning objectives for your online course
  • Explains how Bloom's taxonomy can be applied to set the right learning objectives

So, download the presentation now!