Imparting Good Process Training Online

How can you maximize the efficiency of your workforce? What does it take to ensure your people adopt standardized methods and systems to achieve the desired quality? Well, you need to train them on your processes effectively.

For years, companies have relied on the traditional instructional-led training (ILT) format to impart process training. ILT is a very effective learning format; however, it cannot be used to meet the process training needs of companies in the 21st century. As globalization becomes the norm of the day and organizations expand their operations overseas, the delivery of process training to an international workforce through the ILT format is expensive and fraught with logistical difficulties.

This problem can be overcome using e-learning; studies by IOMA show that delivery of training online can reduce training costs by 50-70%. Furthermore, e-learning courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, making geographical barriers to learning redundant.

To know more about the use of the online medium to deliver process training, check out the presentation Online Process Training. The presentation:

  • Lists the learning formats used to deliver process training
  • Explains the shortcomings of imparting process training through the ILT format
  • Describes how these shortcomings can be overcome by adopting e-learning methods
  • Shares the best practices of imparting process training

So, access the presentation now!