Selecting The Right Authoring Tools for E-learning Development

In the olden days, development of traditional eLearning consumed a lot of time and money; it used to take nearly 2-3 months to complete a course. But now the scenario has changed, the entry of rapid authoring tools into the market is helping developers in creating courses in quicker and easier ways than before.

Understanding this Demand for rapid authoring, many companies are coming up with different tools and versions of these tools, but then each and every tool may not be suitable for your eLearning requirements.

Therefore while selecting the tool one should question themselves as to what kind of course he/she is developing, is it complex or simple. What's the budget, the course development time available, what kind of interactivities are needed, will it be simple text and graphics along with animations?

For example if the course needs simulations in it, then an ideal tool for this kind of requirement is Adobe Captivate tool. To know more about the popular tools, key criteria for tool selection and the ideal use of authoring tools, access this presentation "Selecting The Right Authoring Tools for E-learning Development".