Storytelling as an Instructional Tool

Training Challenges and E-learning Solutions Summit 2018

Asia - June | Europe - July | Americas - October

After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. - Phil Pullman

How can you engage your online learners effectively? What does it take to sustain learner interest and deliver memorable learning experiences? How can you ensure your people connect instantly with the content of your e-learning course? Well, you need to use a highly effective, time-tested instructional technique - storytelling.

Stories are an effective method to communicate important messages to people as they can be fun and interesting. They help your learners visualize what is being taught, thereby facilitating learning of high quality. Good, relevant stories go a long way in enhancing concentration levels. To know more about the use of storytelling in training, check out the presentation Storytelling - An Effective Training Method. The presentation:

  • Explains how a learner retains the message conveyed by the story
  • Shares public opinions on storytelling
  • Lists the benefits of stories vis-à-vis lectures

So, access the presentation now!