All About Authoring Tools & Rapid Elearning Development

Rapid eLearning development involves the use of rapid authoring tools for quick and effective development of eLearning programs. The development of rapid eLearning has enabled training professionals to take their training programs to larger audiences without incurring the costs involved in traditional methods. Here are some useful resources that give you a multi-faceted perspective on rapid eLearning development, authoring tools and how they can be used to achieve business goals.

Captivate 7 - Customize Templates to Make Your Elearning Highly Interactive

Here is to help you find out how Captivate 7 can be used to rapidly author interactive eLearning and HTML5-based mLearning courses, to deliver content to any device including iPads and iPhones.

Articulate Storyline - A Boon for Learning Designers and Stakeholders

Download this webinar to explore what features puts Articulate Storyline on top and how it gives a Midas touch to eLearning world. Also, know why it yields good returns on any eLearning project.

Choosing the Right Authoring Tools For ELearning Development

It is important to identify the right tool that will address your specific needs for eLearning development. Download this webinar that helps you identify the right authoring tool based on your needs.

Using ELearning To Achieve Business Goals

Download this webinar to understand the business impact of eLearning, benefits of its implementation and the road blocks that organizations face. You also get to know some of the best practices in using eLearning to achieve business objectives.

Align Authoring Tool Templates for Effective Learning Strategies

This webinar will help you refresh your knowledge about different content types and the learning strategy that needs to be applied in each case. You will understand how to align these content types with the right authoring tool for effective results. Download the webinar now!

Improving Sales Revenues Using ELearning

Download this webinar to find out how you can access the eLearning readiness of your organization, in terms of content, experts and infrastructure. Learn about the need to classify existing content in terms of amenability to eLearning and identify the most appropriate authoring tools that does the job.

9 Steps to Use Advance Actions in Captivate 6 to Create Powerful E-learning Courses

Captivate 6 offers an excellent feature called Advance actions to develop interactive eLearning courses with customized GUI. Check out this presentation to learn the simple steps using which you can customize the eLearning course GUI in Captivate 6.

Quickly Creating Interactive Online Six Sigma Training With Articulate Presenter

Articulate presenter is a simple authoring tool with basic interactive elements and templates. This presentation talks about how to quickly create interactive online six sigma training with Articulate Presenter.

Tips to Build eLearning Scenarios Using Articulate Storyline

Scenario-based learning is very effective for theoretical concepts. This presentation shares information on how articulate storyline makes it easy to create scenarios and integrate them into eLearning courses.

9 Crucial Aspects of Course Development in Rapid E-learning Process

Rapid eLearning enables development of eLearning courses quickly. Have a quick look at the 9 crucial aspects of course development in the rapid eLearning process.

Key Features of Articulate Studio

Have a quick look at the key features of articulate studio, which can be used to make your eLearning Courses interactive.

Product Training Ideas Using Articulate Storyline

This presentation shares the challenges faced by training managers in training sales people on products and how online solution works best for them.

How to Make Flash Videos Load Faster In eLearning Courses?

This presentation gives you insights on how the flash tool enables faster deployment of videos in eLearning courses.

Rapid Authoring Tools for ELearning

Develop an understanding of the available authoring tools, what they can do and their suitability for different types of eLearning courses.

Rapid ELearning Development

Take a quick look at what rapid eLearning development is all about and the instructional design strategies that need to be employed for this purpose.

How to Design an Online Course Fast and Within Budget?

A practical and handy guide to help develop eLearning courses within a short time frame and low cost without compromising on quality.

7 Tips for E-learning Course Development Using Rapid Authoring Tools

Get to know the prerequisites needed to develop eLearning courses using rapid authoring tools

How Can We Rapidly Author ELearning Courses Using Adobe Captivate?

This presentation gives you the key features of Adobe Captivate that can be used to make your eLearning courses engaging.

Interactive Flash Component

Avail of these free flash components to include interactive and engaging elements in your eLearning courses.

Steps to Customize the Quiz Component in Lectora

Learn to customize the final quiz in a eLearning course by customizing the quiz component in Lectora.

Steps to Create Custom Certificates in Lectora

Create custom certificates by making changes to the default certificate templates provided in Lectora.

Steps to Customize Roll-over Component in Lectora

Here is a step –by-step guide that helps you to customize roll-over components in the Lectora authoring tool.

Steps to Customize an Audio Script Component in Lectora

Learn how to make changes to the Audio Script component in Lectora to suit your individual requirements.

Developing a Single Select Quiz in Power Point Using Macro Settings

10 simple and easy-to-understand steps to develop a single select quiz in PowerPoint involving macro settings.

Adding Effective Interactions with Lectora [Click on Tabs]

Explore the potential of "Actions" tool in Lectora by creating effective interactions such as 'Click on Tabs' in Lectora.

Articulate Storyline for Building E-learning Courses

Download this eBook to know about the features in Storyline that make it so popular with designers and developers, tips to develop interactive courses in Storyline and much more.

Rapidly Design and Develop ELearning Courses

A useful kit for those who would like to get in-depth knowledge on design and development of eLearning courses and adopt best practices for rapid eLearning development in their organization.

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