Articulate Storyline - A Boon for Learning Designers and Stakeholders - Free Webinar

Are you thinking about developing a highly interactive eLearning program fast and within budget with an uncompromising quality? Well, you might have been wondering, is it possible? Yes, it is! With the new kid on the block The Articulate Storyline, a powerful e-learning authoring tool. Let's explore what features puts Articulate Storyline on top and how it gives a Midas touch to eLearning world. Access this webinar to find out how you can effectively create an interactive eLearning faster and easily.

An eLearning developer wants to try his hands in developing a highly interactive course and a stakeholder clamors for faster and cost effective eLearning. Traditional eLearning tools may bring a smile on developers face but would disappoint the stakeholders when it comes to deploying courses quickly. Since, traditional tools consume lot of time taking 3 - 6 months to develop a course with numerous rounds of reviews and iterations. Rapid authoring tools are definitely an answer to the stakeholder requirements, but would disappoint the developer. Since, they have to compromise with the available template models and they cannot unleash their creativity to get the kind of design they want. Limiting the imagination of a developer results in boring and ineffective eLearning.

Clearly, a new tool using the best of both the worlds (traditional and rapid) is required to cater to the requirements of developers and stakeholders. Access this free webinar to find out more about "Articulate Storyline" and why it yields good returns on any eLearning project. With this webinar you will find answers to the following questions and more:

  • How to quickly develop an eLearning course without trailing its zing
  • How to deliver eLearning courses to multiple devices without any hassles
  • How translation-a big mess, can be made easy with Articulate Storyline
  • What kind of training programs goes well with Articulate Storyline

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