Audio in eLearning: Instructional Design Fundamentals for Effective E-learning - On Demand Webinar

How do you define audio in an eLearning context? How does audio in eLearning course benefit the learners? What is the theoretical framework that governs the use of audio in an eLearning course? Audio component in an eLearning course can be defined as elements of narration, music, and sounds used to enhance learning effectiveness.

Each of these elements has its own significance. As an instructional designer, you should know how to judiciously use these elements, so that they benefit the learners. You should be in a position to determine how much narration should be there and where to use the audio and where not to use.

Download the webinar, Audio in E-learning to know:

  • What is the place of audio in learning design strategy
  • What are the steps for developing an effective audio narration
  • What are the Do's and Don'ts of an audio strategy
  • What are the principles that regulate the use of audio in eLearning courses
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