Align Authoring Tool Templates for Effective Learning Strategies - Free Webinar

Rapid authoring tools help learning design professionals create eLearning courses quickly. In order to ensure that courses are effective and meet the specific learning objectives you need to know how to match authoring tool templates with the content type. Access the webinar below to get the tips on how customize the templates that suit your specific strategies and how to align content type with the right authoring tool, for maximizing learning.

Designing eLearning programs involves considering several aspects - the learning objectives, audience for whom the program is targeted, purpose for which training is being developed and of course, the nature of content. As you know learning strategies differ, with the nature of the content for your training. This is also a deciding factor for selecting the authoring tool to develop your eLearning courses. View this recorded webinar that will help you to:

  • Recognize the classification of different training content types
  • Understand the learning strategy and use of different learning objects for each content type
  • Know key features of rapid authoring tools used for developing eLearning
  • Get tips to customize templates, to suit your specific strategies

This webinar would interest you as a senior executive in charge of implementing training in an organization and would like to explore how a rapid authoring tool can be used, for online training; Or if you are a learning design professional, trying to understand the effective use of templates in eLearning authoring tools.

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