Selecting the Best Authoring Tools for eLearning Development - Free Webinar

Choosing the right authoring tool to develop an eLearning course is as important as making the right move to win the game. Well, there are hundreds of eLearning authoring tools in the marketplace. These tools can quickly and easily produce an eLearning course, thereby cutting production time and costs.

View this live webinar to find out more about "Selecting the Best Authoring Tools for eLearning Development" where you will find the key criteria to consider which will help you select the right authoring tool for your eLearning projects. With this webinar you will find answers to the following questions and more:

  • What is the key criteria for selection of the authoring tools?
  • What are the top best 5 tools in the market to develop eLearning courses?
  • How are the authoring tools different from each other?
  • What kind of training programs goes well with which authoring tool?

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