Why is Sales Training so Difficult - Challenges and Solutions - Free Webinar

Training sales people to sell is known to improve performance; however, sales training has become very challenging in today’s dynamic market environment. Chief sales officers are usually under so much pressure to meet their revenue growth targets, that they do not have enough time to plan a sales training program that actually serves its purpose.

Typically, a new recruit is expected to learn the ropes of the trade ‘on the job’ or from a senior colleague and start delivering results ASAP. Training perhaps is scheduled as a routine exercise and that too during the lean sales months. With the proliferation of brands and increased competition, sales people are under tremendous pressure to deliver results. In such a scenario, it is rather hard to bind a hands-on, result-oriented salesperson to an academic and contemplative form of classroom training session. Access this webinar to explore the answers to the questions including:

  • Can a 'once in a year' training program spanning one or two days truly help a sales person acquire all the knowledge and skills required?
  • How can you ensure that organizing training is not a burden for the chief sales officers and does not waste the valuable salesman hours?
  • How can we make sure training becomes an ongoing process?
  • How can technology be utilized to make training more interactive, collaborative and effective?

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