RLOs - A new approach to increase learning effectiveness

Reusable Learning Objects – What are They and How to Use in E-learning

  • The use of Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) is gaining popularity in the corporate realm because of the potential benefits they offer such as mining, reusing, and repurposing existing content to create new trainings quickly.
  • Today organizations consider employee training a crucial and essential component of their development and are spending huge budgets on training every year. It is a possible reality that the training and learning managers of a large organization, unknown to each other, develop a lot of similar content for different scenarios and sometimes for almost the same trainings.
  • They develop content from scratch, putting the same efforts and cost into the development, because they do not have a central training repository wherein they can search for existing content and reuse. Even if they get access, the existing trainings will not be standalone pieces which can be assembled to meet the specific training goals.
  • Therefore the use of Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) is now gaining popularity in the corporate realm. But there seems to be a lot of confusion or discussion on the definition of RLOs, their structure, and what exactly can be reused when needed.

The webinar RLOs - A New Approach to Increase Learning Effectiveness and Optimizing Cost answers:

  • What are Reusable Learning Objects and their characteristics?
  • How can you save millions of training dollars with standalone RLOs?
  • Why should you focus on Reusable Learning Objects?
  • How can you use rapid authoring tools to develop RLOs and Moodle to host and serve the RLOs?
  • What delivery options do they offer?

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