How to Chunk Content: Instructional Design Fundamentals for Effective E-learning - On Demand Webinar

What is content chunking? Why is content chunked? How is content chunked effectively to make reading and understanding fast and easy? When to chunk the content?

As increasingly complex concepts are delivered, the recall capabilities significantly decrease. To enhance and maximize the learning potential, online instructors are advised to chunk/divide content into manageable units of information. There are certain parameters you need to consider, while chunking the content. There are also certain aspects, which help you to know where to chunk and where not to chunk the content.

Download the webinar, How to Chunk Content to know:

  • What are factors that influence chunking
  • What are the levels at which the content should be chunked
  • When should you chunk the content to a greater degree
  • When should content chunking be minimal
  • How much of the content should be shown on-screen
  • What information should be put in the audio
  • What is the structure of an outline
  • How to create an effective course outline
  • How is it helpful in identifying the gaps in the content
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