Classification of Content in E-learning: Instructional Design Fundamentals for Effective E-learning - On Demand Webinar

Developing effective eLearning courses is not an easy task. You would need to focus on various aspects such as content, course strategy and infrastructure. Of all these, formulation of the right course strategy based on the type of the content is the most important.

So, as an instructional designer, the first thing you need to do before designing any eLearning course is content analysis - understand the nature of the content and the purpose/objective of the course. A proper understanding of the content types will help you to decide the appropriate instructional strategy.

So, what are the different content types and their significance? And, how do we go about dealing with the various types of content?

Download the webinar, "Classification of Content in E-learning" to find out answers to the questions listed below.

  • What are the various types of content and how can classify content easily?
  • What is Blooms Taxonomy, and how do various content types fit into the different levels of learning?
  • What are the guidelines you need to follow while dealing with different types of content?
  • How to design your eLearning courses based on the content type?
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