How to Convert Your Flash-based E-learning Courses into HTML5 Rapidly - Free Webinar

Your organization might have invested huge amounts of time, money and other resources in developing eLearning courses using Flash. These are instructionally sound courses with powerful content. But, you now realize that they no longer work on the devices your employees use such as the latest smart-phones, iPhones, iPads and tablets. It would be a colossal waste of your resources if these courses cannot run on the devices that your employees use all the time.

So, do you forfeit the investment that you have made in developing these legacy courses? Of course not! Thankfully, we do have the technology and resources that help salvage these old, but treasured learning resources and repurpose them for current use. The solution lies in converting your legacy courses into HTML5. HTML5 is the format which allows you to run your content seamlessly on all devices.

Access the webinar How to Convert Your Flash-based E-learning Courses into HTML5 Rapidly to find answers to the following questions and more.

  • What is HTML5?
  • What does it mean for eLearning?
  • How to convert your existing Flash-based courses into HTML5?
  • Do you need to develop these courses right from the scratch?
  • What are the browser aspects we need to consider while moving to HTML5?
  • What are the widely used rapid authoring tools that are capable of publishing your courses to HTML5?

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