Convert Flash-based Courses into HTML5 - Give Them a New Lease of Life - Free Webinar

For years, Flash was the uncrowned king of the eLearning world. This wonderful tool from Adobe could be used to create incredible courses containing stunning visuals and amazing animations. But, with the advent of the mobile era, courses developed in Flash have been rendered "obsolete" as they cannot be accessed on tablets and smart-phones. According to Morgan Stanley Research, by 2015, these devices would be used more than desktop computers to access the Internet.

So, does it mean that these very effective online courses cannot be used anymore? Do you have to lose the precious training dollars spent on creating Flash-based courses? Absolutely not. You can make these eLearning courses mobile compatible by converting them into the HTML5 format. Furthermore, courses in HTML5 can be updated and translated, easily, in quick time.

Join us in the live webinar Convert Flash-based Courses into HTML5 - Give Them a New Lease of Life to know everything you need to convert your legacy courses developed in Flash into HTML5. Veterans in the field of eLearning, who have been in the business of providing online training solutions for the last 15 years, will answer all your queries and provide insights into the following.

  • Role of HTML5 in the world of eLearning
  • Process of migrating Flash-based learning content into HTML5
  • Rapid authoring tools used to convert legacy eLearning courses into the HTML5 format

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