Corporate Trainers: Make Your Training Curriculum Earn While You Sleep! - Free Webinar

If you are a corporate trainer who travels from city to city to provide classroom training sessions, you may understand its many challenges and limitations in terms of the cost and the time involved. However, thanks to technology, you can capitalize on the multitude of options it provides by supplementing your classroom training with online modules. Access this webinar that makes a business case for corporate trainers who can diversify their business by providing online training solutions to their existing customers and tap the potential of yet unexplored market segments.

Corporate training is no longer what it used to be a couple of decades ago. As corporate trainers, how do you cater to the growing demands of an ever changing, dynamic and digitally connected world of business? How do you think you can expand the scope of your business using technological options?

Here is the webinar that is specially tailored for independent training professionals who conduct classroom training programs for corporates. They could be sales trainers, specialist's trainers or subject matter experts who conduct regular training programs. At the end of the webinar, you would:

  • Get ideas to overcome constraints of costs, time and effort in organizing training programs.
  • Learn how technology can become a valuable asset to consolidate your training business.
  • Become aware of options that take you beyond an already saturated market to reach unexplored terrain.

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