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Very often assessments are not integrated into the instructional design or the learning design process. Many instructional designers seldom think that developing assessments or quizzes are a part of the instructional design strategy and fail to align them to the learning objectives of the course. They frame assessments according to their convenience without any systematic approach.

But it is recommended that the formulation of assessments should be done right from the beginning of the learning design process. Many studies have been conducted on the logical and theoretical framework of assessments. The development of assessments needs to be carried out in a systematic way.

This webinar series, "How to Design Effective Assessments for Exceptional E-learning", spread over 4 sessions helps you to master the science and art of developing assessments for eLearning courses. It gives you comprehensive information about different types of assessments, their effective usage and provides practical tips on framing questions. It also gives you a clear picture of how assessments should be "tied" to the learning design process and integrated with the learning objectives, content and learning activities, right from the beginning of the learning design process.

Assessment does not stand outside teaching and learning but stands in dynamic interaction with it. (C.Gipps: Author of the book "Beyond Testing: Towards a Theory of Educational Assessment")

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how assessments complete the learning cycle evaluation
  • Explain the types of assessments and when to use them
  • List various question types and when to use them
  • Explain the guidelines to frame Multiple Choice Questions
  • Explain the method to provide effective assessment feedback

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