Strategic eLearning Intervention for Maximizing Returns on Your Training Efforts - Free Webinar

Training, learning and coaching your employees is necessary for improved performance. How do you keep pace with training that needs to be rolled out faster, quicker and perhaps more on a continual basis? Can your existing training efforts meet up to the demands of the current requirements? Access this webinar to explore more about this.

E-learning has evolved as a viable training option in organizations. Are you considering eLearning as an option to meet your future training needs? Access this webinar where you will get in depth information about the best way to capitalize the potential of eLearning. Some of the questions that will be answered are:

  • What is eLearning and what it is not?
  • How eLearning can be applied in organizations for maximum impact?
  • How to convert classroom material into eLearning?
  • What is the role of SME in the eLearning development process?
  • How can you estimate time, cost and effort in developing eLearning?

This webinar is especially designed for Subject Matter Experts, Training Professionals, and Business Owners in large organizations who are involved in developing and deploying training programs in their business units.

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