Designing eLearning Programs: In-House Or Outsource Webinar

Designing eLearning Programs: In-House Or Outsource Webinar

In-house/Outsource Development? Tick Your Picck

  • Whether you want to develop eLearning in-house or outsource it, you need to very careful. There are certain parameters you need to consider while developing eLearning in-house such as the cost of development, available resources, time, and developer capability.
  • Likewise, when outsourcing eLearning development, you need to focus on key elements such as choosing the right vendors who match your requirement, the communication process with vendors, quality assessment criteria, and so on.
  • Join this webinar to help you decide when to go in for outsourcing and when to opt for in-house development of your eLearning programs.

The webinar Designing eLearning Programs:
In-House/Outsource answers:

  • Deciding on courseware requirements: Off-the-shelf or custom?
  • How do you select the right vendor who can offer a full lifecycle of consulting, design, and development capability?
  • Do you develop in-house or outsource the function to successful eLearning providers? Or both?
  • What vendor capabilities you need to consider for long-term partnerships with you?
  • How do you map vendor capabilities to your own content and technology requirements?
  • How do you establish a successful vendor partnership?

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