Designing eLearning: Make or Buy - Understanding eLearning Process & Players - Free Webinar

In case you are looking at implementing eLearning in your organization, and do not know where to start, OR if you have already started implementing eLearning and are looking at options to scale up the number of online courses developed, you will find innovative ideas in this webinar.

Implementing eLearning in the organization involves careful planning, designing, developing and deploying, involving many stakeholders. Are you looking to include eLearning, as a part of your overall training strategy, for your organization? Would you like to know what it takes to implement enterprise-wide eLearning? There are many questions that need to be answered and an equal number of decisions to be made. Get answers to these questions.

Additionally, you will also learn:

  • E-learning course development - process and players;
  • When to develop eLearning courses in-house;
  • Tips for outsourcing for each elearning design phase, in case you decide to outsource
  • How to select the right outsourcing partner

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