E-learning Standards 101: Instructional Design Fundamentals for Effective E-learning - On Demand Webinar

Why do we need standards for eLearning courses? What are the various eLearning courseware design standards? How can they improve the quality of eLearning courses?

There are hundreds of eLearning companies in this world that are involved in eLearning courseware development. Now, with so many people designing and developing eLearning and delivering it and selling online courses to learners, it is imperative that we need a standard. Without standards, it is not possible to compare courses objectively because each company may follow its own standards. Moreover, these standards help us improve the quality of courses.

Download the webinar, "E-learning Standards 101", to know:

  • What is the need for standardization?
  • What are the interface, compatibility, production quality and instructional design standards of an eLearning course?
  • How to apply these standards, while developing the course?
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