E-learning - Style Guide 101: Instructional Design Fundamentals for Effective E-learning - On Demand Webinar

How can you make sure that your online course is devoid of grammatical errors? How can you develop a digital course that is consistent in terms of formatting and language? How can you see to it that the layout of pages and design of graphics is systematic? - By using a style guide.

A style guide (also known as style manual) is a reference document that contains certain guidelines to help instructional designers in writing, grammar and avoiding formatting issues in an eLearning course. It provides information on different aspects. They are:

  • Grammar
  • Usage
  • Fonts
  • Page layouts
  • Graphic design

Download the webinar, "E-learning - Style Guide 101", to know:

  • What are the basic elements of a style guide?
  • How to prepare a style guide?
  • Where to find the necessary information needed to create a style guide?
  • What are the aspects that need to be considered, while developing a style guide for an online learning course?
  • How can you make the best use of a style guide?
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