Planning An Enterprise-Wide eLearning Solution

 Planning An Enterprise-Wide eLearning Solution

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  • Are you planning to go in for eLearning programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of your staff? Not sure of where to start? Access this webinar to learn how to plan your eLearning solutions to achieve your goal of enterprise-wide competency development. Also, get to know about strategic action plans to develop and implement successful training programs and performance solutions.
  • Planning an enterprise-wide eLearning solution is probably one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding projects undertaken in the area of training and development for any organization. If your organization has already taken the plunge into this world of exciting possibilities, there must be lots of questions.

The webinar Planning An Enterprise-Wide eLearning Solution answers:

  • What is the IT infrastructure required to support an enterprise-wide rollout of eLearning?
  • What are the various elements of eLearning architecture? What are the implementation challenges?
  • Which eLearning deployment strategy should you follow?
  • What are some of the authoring tools out there that can help you develop courseware quickly?
  • If you decide to outsource development, how will you select the right vendor for your specific learning solution?
  • How will you launch eLearning to a multi-cultural workforce?

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