Learning Objectives and Evaluation of eLearning Webinar

Know the Essentials of ELearning

  • Whether you want sales training for your sales force or product training for your service staff, you will need to have clear training outcomes in mind for each of these trainings. This is critical for the formulation of appropriate learning objectives for your trainings.
  • Effective learning objectives ensure your content stays on track and that the goals of your training are met. While well-crafted learning objectives ensure the success of your training programs, they are also important to evaluate their success and effectiveness. Access this webinar to find out how you can develop sound learning objectives for eLearning programs and evaluate their success.

The webinar Demystifying Learning Objectives and Evaluation of eLearning Outcomes: 1-2-3 Steps answers:

  • Why is it important to set learning objectives?
  • Why is it important to evaluate learning?
  • What are a few simple, workable steps to set learning objectives?
  • How do you evaluate the success of your eLearning effort?
  • How do you align learning objectives, content, and assessments?

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