Migration from Flash based Legacy Courses to HTML5 - 4 Best Tools

Want to Know the Best Tool to Migrate Legacy Courses to HTML5?

  • Though HTML5 is not the complete replacement for Flash as of now, increasing employee preference toward mobile learning and Steve Job's decision not to support Flash on iPads and iPhones has started bothering many organizations as to how their huge legacy content can be migrated to HTML5.".
  • For years, Adobe Flash was the dominant tool for authoring graphics, animations, games, and rich Internet applications. It breathed life into eLearning courses, with advanced interactivities, making learning more effective and enriching for learners.
  • Several reasons have paved the way for the advent of new authoring tools that can publish courses to HTML5 output, allowing courses to run on both iPads and mobile devices.
  • But are all these tools effective in meeting your specific requirements? How to choose the best among them? View this webinar to find out how to migrate your Flash-based eLearning content to HTML5.

The webinar Migration from Flash-based Legacy Courses to HTML5 – 4 Best Tools answers:

  • Why is HTML5 the solution?
  • What are the challenges involved in making your Flash-based courses compatible with HTML5?
  • What are the best practices in migrating legacy content to HTML5?
  • What are the 4 best Authoring Tools that support migration from Flash to HTML5?

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