Safety Training - Rapid Development Strategies for Mobile Devices

Take Safety to Your Employees’ Palms

  • From a pin industry to a plane industry, safety of workers is a very important aspect. Workplace injuries and illnesses are costing organizations billions of dollars every year. According to United States Department of Labor, organizations paid about one billion dollars per week, as a direct compensation to the employees who were down with injuries and illnesses at the workplace in the year 2010.
  • Major high risk industries, where safety training is critical are oil & gas, mining, energy, and chemical industries. Access this free webinar to know the types of safety trainings delivered in these industries. How are the trainings being delivered? What role does technology play in workplace safety training?

The webinar Safety Training - Rapid Development Strategies for Mobile Devices answers:

  • How does investing in workplace safety increase your organization's financial performance?
  • How is increasing workplace safety measures related to your organization’s productivity and profitability?
  • What are the cost-effective ways to deliver safety training?

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