IT Infrastructure for eLearning - Trends and Issues

Get Your Setup Ready for E-learning

  • Access this webinar to learn about a range of web-accessible technologies and services useful for learning, education, and training. Get to know about the trends and issues of global eLearning and eLearning infrastructure. This webinar is aimed at organizations that want to set up their own infrastructure for eLearning.
  • It will cover the current trends and issues in e-learning infrastructure setup in organizations. Experiments with wireless campus networks, blogs, and personal learning assistants have increased. The Corporate sector is turning to the integration of eLearning and Knowledge Management.

The webinar IT Infrastructure for eLearning - Trends and Issues includes:

  • Costs of implementing eLearning infrastructure
  • Collaborative ventures in eLearning
  • Regular content management
  • Concerns with speed of access

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