How to Frame Effective Learning Objectives: Instructional Design Fundamentals for Effective E-learning - On Demand Webinar

So, what are learning objectives anyway and why should you care? As someone responsible for identifying the training needs of your workforce, you know how important it is to have a clear picture of training outcomes. It is equally important that based on these training outcomes, the instructional design team working on the project frames suitable learning objectives to ensure successful learning outcomes.

Well-defined learning objectives go a long way in preventing the content from going “off-track” and help achieve the goals of your training program. This is especially important when it comes to online courses (remember that in the case of self-paced online learning, there is no instructor to take mid-course corrective action, if required).

It is therefore imperative for eLearning courses to have the right learning objectives as these will determine the direction of the course and the success of the eLearning effort. The question is, how do you ensure that the right learning objectives are set? What are the guidelines for framing suitable learning objectives?

To find answers to the questions below, related to framing your learning objectives and evaluating training, download this webinar.

  • Why is it important to set learning objectives?
  • What are the simple, workable steps to set learning objectives?
  • How do you align learning objectives, content and assessments?
  • What are the common pitfalls of writing learning objectives and how to avoid them?
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