Delivering Learning Solutions using Smartphones Webinar

Delivering Learning Solutions using Smartphones Webinar

A Look at the Usage of Smartphones in Training

  • mLearning is one of the fastest growing trends in corporate training. Many organizations, in an attempt to cash in on the benefits of this medium are seriously considering including mLearning as part of their training and development initiatives. But the question is how do they get started? How does one make sense of the varying perceptions of what mLearning is and what it is not?
  • It is estimated that in the next few years, more users will connect to the Internet using their mobile devices than through their PCs. This has interesting implications for training design. Organizations who are keen on staying in tune with changing times will need to take note of the recent explosion in the use of mobile devices for delivering training.
  • Access this webinar, if you want to get acquainted with this medium of training and would like some quick information on how you can begin to implement mLearning in your organization.

The webinar Delivering Learning Solutions Using Smartphones and iPads answers:

  • What is mLearning?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of mLearning?
  • What kind of trainings can be offered through mLearning?
  • How do you get started with an mLearning solution?

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