Use of LMS Tools to Evaluate Learning Effectiveness - Free Webinar

Most Learning Management Systems (LMS) include reporting tools that provide administrators with means to measure learner use of materials as well as evaluative review exercises and examination items. However, our experience is that these tools are not at all let alone used consistently and effectively. This may happen because instructors and system administrators are not aware that the tools are available or may not know how to use them. Access this webinar where we will present sample tools and illustrate how the tools can be used to improve learning.

The use of LMS to administer e-learning courses has provided a means to collect data on learner perceptions of materials as well as to analyze data that is retained in the LMS database concerning the learner completion of courses. This automated administration of learning provides trainers and administrators data on courseware that has not been easily available in the past. Our experience shows that this data is not used as much as it could be.

In this webinar we will see commonly available course data and discuss how this data might be used to improve learning. Here, the emphasis will be on the technology of LMS's and using that technology to implement analysis of learner usage of materials and the materials themselves.

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