How do you use Moodle along with your LMS - To train business partners and customers

Why a Separate LMS for Customers and Channel Partners?

  • Like never before, organizations today are focusing on providing training to their customers and business partners, just as they train their employees. They are initiating trainings on the usage of products/services to customers and similarly on products, business processes, and selling skills to their business partners.
  • However, organizations are failing to take it forward and use their LMSs to track and monitor these training activities as they are worried about giving external parties access to their internal secure LMS (Intranet/Local Network).
  • But then, a second commercial LMS needs huge investments, which is difficult to justify. So choosing an Open Source LMS would be ideal, but again, will these open source LMSs suit the corporate environment? Would it be a good idea to use an open source LMS like Moodle for training business partners?
  • Are you one among those who are in a dilemma of whether to choose an Open source LMS or a commercial LMS? Access this webinar to find out how you can use Moodle to train your business partners and customers, along with your existing LMS.

The webinar Train Your Customers and Business Partners Through an Add-on LMS answers:

  • Is it feasible to maintain multiple LMSs, one for employees and one for business partners?
  • How can Moodle be customized to suit the corporate environment?
  • Why choose Moodle to offer compliance training to your business partners?
  • What are the investments involved in Moodle customization?

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