Gen Y Sales Force Training: What Works and What Doesn't - Free Webinar

The Generation Next or Gen Y appeared after the Internet matured. Members of this generation are extremely tech-savvy, gadget-friendly and continually connected through social media. They are relatively well-informed but allegedly have shorter attention spans and tend to get bored quickly. Access this research-packed webinar with live case studies and creative strategies and learn to understand the psyche and background of Gen Y - how they learn, communicate and connect, Leverage technology to 'hook' them, Use their own gadgets to make them learn.

So who exactly is Gen Y and why should it matter how sales force training is done?

Gen Y - also known as Generation Next or the Millennial - refers to those who were born between 1976 and 1998, whereas Gen X refers to those born between 1965 and 1976. In some countries, the demographic composition is changing in favor of Gen Y. Far younger people are entering the workforce every day. Even if that is not the case, the Gen Y is a different kettle of fish. How they learn, communicate, socialize and use technology is drastically different from earlier generations. These people are so different that it forces us to change the way we train them.

So, irrespective of how many Gen Y members you have in a team, generally Gen X managers end up managing Gen Y or training them. It makes a lot of sense to understand their psyche and profile in order to manage or train them better.

Learn how you can train Gen Y with new age technology and the pitfalls to avoid. RK Prasad, CEO, CommLab India, although a typical Gen X, has the good fortune of working with number of Gen Ys for many years and also helps a number of organizations train their Gen Y employees. In this webinar, he will share interesting facts and creative strategies to train Gen Y.

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