Outsource E-learning for Better Business Results

Outsourcing E-learning for Outstanding Returns

  • Despite accepting the benefits of eLearning, some organizations are still reluctant to initiate eLearning because of the absence of in-house capability to develop eLearning and unfamiliarity about outsourcing options. If you want to capitalize on the power of eLearning to achieve your business goals and want to know when and how outsourcing can help you in the process, access this webinar.
  • Through this webinar, you can find out when it is better to develop eLearning courses in-house and when to outsource.

The webinar Outsource eLearning for Better Business Results answers:

  • What are the various areas of outsourcing in the eLearning context?
  • Who are the key players involved in eLearning development?
  • What are the factors to consider while making a decision on outsourcing?/li>
  • How can you scale up the development of eLearning courses quickly and effectively?
  • What would be the time and cost for building and delivering a typical 1 Hour eLearning course?

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