Performance Management & Coaching Through eLearning - 5 Instructional Design Strategies - Free Webinar

Having an effective employee performance management system in place can help in keeping the organization healthy and ahead of competition in the long run. So organizations should aim towards designing the courses, which not only provides the knowledge that is needed, but also help them analyze how to apply the knowledge on the job. Access this webinar to find out how to effectively train the managers on Performance management aspects via eLearning.

Employees usually tend to assume performance management to be performance appraisal and do not show interest in getting trained. Whereas, performance management process involves both managers and the individuals for setting the goals, identifying the performance gaps, coaching, initiating discussions for further improvements and working with a performance recognition tool, to come up with essential data to reward employees for their contribution.

Although training alone cannot improve performance, it plays an integral role in setting up the performance management system. Access this webinar to find out what are best instructional design strategies to design the course. You will find answers to the following questions and more:

  • How important is employee performance management system for an organization?
  • Is there a need to train your managers on performance management process?
  • Challenges involved in training the managers?
  • Can you train them on your performance management tool via eLearning?
  • What are the 5 best instructional strategies to train your managers on performance management aspects?

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