ROI & eLearning - Myths and Reality - Free Webinar

Most organizations believe that eLearning is too expensive, impersonal, takes a long time to develop and so on. They also assume that return on investment from eLearning is not as high as it is for classroom training. There are many other myths about eLearning in addition to these. To get a better understanding of these myths and the reality of ROI and eLearning, view this recorded webinar. Also, get to know the cost of creating eLearning and calculate the ROI for eLearning.

No organization would like to spend on any initiative without a corresponding Return On Investment (ROI). This applies to their investment in eLearning as well. The increasingly cost-focused business world demands increased accountability from all training functions, with eLearning being no exception. However, most organizations reach certain conclusions, without necessarily doing a systematic study of whether eLearning demonstrates ROI in terms of cost and better results. What are some of the myths around this mode of delivery? Does it really deliver on its promises? How do we calculate its effectiveness? Join our experts to find answers for questions related to ROI and eLearning , including the following:

In this webinar find answers for questions related to ROI and eLearning, including the following:

  • What is ROI? How do you calculate ROI on your eLearning initiatives?
  • Is the ROI on eLearning more than that of classroom training?
  • Why don't many organizations calculate the ROI of learning per se?
  • What are the benefits of calculating ROI?
  • What are some of the myths surrounding the ROI of eLearning? How do we get a clear picture of what benefits eLearning has?
  • What are the various factors that contribute to a good ROI?
  • How do you make a realistic assessment of the business impact of eLearning and its ROI?

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