Sales Force Training: A Paradigm Shift - Learn from Fortune 500 Market Leaders - Free Webinar

Are you still training your sales people in classrooms and during sales meetings? Have you tried to harness technology to make your sales training more effective, convenient and economical? With increased competition, enlarged market geographies, mushrooming products and a Gen Y sales force, it is indeed time for a new way, a better way to train sales professionals to generate increased revenue in the marketplace. Access this webinar to learn about the great new paradigm shift that's happening in the field of sales training, pioneered by market leaders and Fortune 500 organizations, worldwide. Benefit from the way they use technology to train not only their sales people but also their channel partners and customers.

After working with Fortune 500 clients for the past 12 years, RK Prasad, CEO, CommLab India will share his experiences in working with these market leaders on how to make a paradigm shift to get the most out of your training investments.

A new paradigm shift in training today's sales force and in today's markets is worthwhile knowledge to gain. CommLab India is happy to share the experiences and insights gained from working with Fortune 500 market leaders in empowering their sales people with technology-leveraged learning. View this experience-based knowledge and researched facts packed in a 45-minute webinar and learn:

  • How to add technology to your training with little or no investment
  • How to quickly convert your existing training material to suit online delivery
  • Ways to use smart phones and iPads for just-in-time training
  • How to encourage group learning through online collaborative forums

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