Using Social Media To Deliver Training Webinar

Social Media and Online Training? Explore the Combo…

  • Today's employees have high exposure to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This has transformed the way employees access both static and real-time dynamic information. Companies are able to share information about new product launches and enhancements in a matter of a few seconds to large groups that include both employees and customers.
  • Social media has many advantages. Employees world-wide are using social media for all kinds of reasons. Apart from the sheer entertainment value of these channels, a key reason has also to do with them taking charge of their training needs and trying to bridge their learning gaps without waiting for a formal learning initiative to be put into place by their organization.
  • In the time it takes for learning practitioners to rollout learning solutions, learners are charting their own learning paths by tapping into communities of practice, online searches, going through the company's Wiki, or engaging with SMEs. With the high degree of exposure they have to social networking sites, employees can access real-time information as it evolves out there.
  • Organizations also have been able to tap this phenomenon to reduce their time-to-market for introducing product launches, new trainings in no time at all. Or have they? Can social media really be used to deliver training? What about the time-honored field of learning design? With the amount of user-generated content floating around, can we as training specialists channelize our learners toward the effective use of social media?

The webinar Using Social Media To Deliver Training answers:

  • What is social media? Is it a passing fad? Will it impact the way training has traditionally been delivered?
  • Who uses social media? How does it work?
  • What are the key trends in social learning or learning through collaboration?
  • What is the impact on learning design and how do we blend social media into the design of our eLearning experiences?
  • What are the limitations of social media?
  • What are the barriers to delivering training through social media?

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