eLearning 101 - How To Start eLearning in Your Organization - 5 Basic Considerations - Free Webinar

It is a fact that an increasing number of companies are moving towards eLearning every year. But for many of them, implementing eLearning in their organization appears to be a minefield because it involves action plans, investments, evaluations, and countless decisions to be made. If you are one among them, access this recorded webinar to find out how to get quickly rollout your eLearning courses.

Your organization must be already using ILT training sessions for training your employees. And now you have decided to implement eLearning, realizing the powerful benefits it offers. But is this transition, from a classroom training environment to a blended solution that includes eLearning, simple? You probably also have a fair understanding of what it takes for your eLearning initiatives to succeed and are now faced with the inevitable decision of whether to build your courses in-house or to outsource course development to vendors.

There may be many more questions that cross your mind when you start thinking of implementing eLearning in your organizations. Access this webinar to find out how to get started with eLearning and what decisions are to be made. You will find answers to the following questions and more:

  • What are the minimum requirements to get started with eLearning?
  • How can you leverage your existing ILT materials for designing online courses?
  • What would be the setup time and cost for building and delivering training courses?
  • What type of training can be considered to make a start?
  • Is outsourcing eLearning courses development, a good solution?

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