Supply Chain Basics Training to Your Employees, is it Necessary? - Free Webinar

A supply chain directly or indirectly includes all the stages involved in satisfying a customer request. Your employees who work in all these stages belong to different functional backgrounds. They may be of marketing, customer service, procurement or any other. For an efficient supply chain management, integrating all these functional departments is essential. For better integration process don’t you think training every employee on what the supply chain is all about, is necessary? If yes, access this webinar to find out more on why the supply chain basic training is required? Also, how the training can be delivered effectively without disturbing their work hours?

When a customer demands a product, delivering it faster, exactly on time is the market requirement these days. Here the customer may be from India, the organization may be operating in the United States with the production facilities in Mexico and China. Determining strategic locations for production, procuring raw materials, storage, delivery and other supply chain activities needs to be effectively coordinated for the timely delivery and cost control. Every company has certain strategies they implement for these processes. However, any of these strategies will be successful only when they are executed well and that is a major bottleneck.

The underlying cause of this issue is that the staff who execute are well aware of their specific roles and responsibilities, but not of the overall supply chain process, as they belong to different functional backgrounds and may be directly (procurement, production, warehousing) or indirectly (marketing, customer service) involved in the supply chain. So, these people need to be trained to know the bigger picture. What's the process of supply chain and what's their role in that process? Where do they exactly fit in? Access this webinar to know why the Supply Chain Basics’ training is needed for every employee in your organization in more detail. Here you will also find answers to the following questions and more:

  • What's the impact of globalization on supply chain management?
  • What are the basic components of the supply chain?
  • How decisions made by your employees affect the supply chain work flow?
  • What are the various training delivery methods to train your supply chain work force?
  • How to make the training relevant to the employees' job needs?
  • Which training delivery method can be cost effective?

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