Supply Chain Basics training to Your Employees Is it Necessary?

E-learning to M-learning: Factors to be Considered

  • Advancements in technology have exponentially changed the way we work and learn. Many organizations that have been developing eLearning for their employees are now realizing the need to make online courses available through Smartphones and tablets.
  • If you are among them, access this webinar to find out how to leverage your existing eLearning content and get started with mLearning."
  • But leveraging your existing eLearning content for mobile learning is not a simple task; you have some key factors that are to be considered for a cost-effective and quick rollout of m-learning courses.

The webinar Roadmap from eLearning to mLearning - Content, Technology and Costs answers:

  • Why eLearning on Tablets and Mobiles?
  • How do you repurpose your existing eLearning content to work well on Tablets and Mobiles?
  • How to choose the right authoring tool for creating mLearning?
  • How can you ensure tracking and reporting of learning?
  • Is it a costly affair to get started with mLearning?

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