Handy Authoring Tools For Rapid Conversion of Legacy Courses into HTML5 - Get Proven tips for conversion - Free Webinar

Mobile compatibility is the driving force behind the conversion of legacy eLearning courses into HTML5. Online courses, developed using Flash and other software, are not compatible with mobile devices, which are the order of the day. According to the Horizon Report, 2011, by 2015 about 80% of people will be accessing the Internet from mobile devices. The phenomenal growth in the numbers of mobile learners is compelling firms to deliver their online courses on smart-phones and tablet computers. Furthermore, courses in the HTML5 format can be translated and updated easily, in a cost-effective manner.

So, are you too ready to climb the HTML5 bandwagon? How can you convert your legacy eLearning courses into HTML5, effectively and efficiently? Join us in the webinar How to convert your Legacy Online Courses into HTML5 quickly and effectively to find out all you need to know to convert your existing eLearning courses into the HTML5 format. This webinar will answer the following questions and many more.

  • What is HTML5 all about?
  • What is the process of converting legacy courses into the HTML5 format?
  • What are the popular tools used for the conversion?

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