Global Knowledge Transfer: Should Translations Cost You a Bomb?

Making Training Culture-Agnostic – How to Localize Economically?

  • Companies need to constantly train their global workforce to keep pace with competition. Communicating with a diverse workgroup involves translating training content into target languages for better comprehension, particularly where training involves legal, compliance, or policy matters.
  • What can multinational corporations do to ensure cost-effective global knowledge transfer? Do they have to incur huge expenses for translations? Learn how global knowledge transfer can be made possible with minimum effort, time, and cost.
  • Don't you agree that translating training courses into local languages ensures the consistency of quality and content? However, there is a widespread perception that translations are expensive and hence not cost-effective. But it is not necessarily the case.
  • From this webinar, you will get useful insights on how to maximize your global knowledge transfer initiatives with an effective translation strategy.

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