Global Knowledge Transfer: Should Translations Cost You a Bomb? - Free Webinar

The United States is witnessing a new era of global competition among multinationals, according to a report by McKinsey Global Institute. Companies need to constantly train their global workforce to keep pace with global competition. Communicating with a diverse workgroup involves translations of training content, resources and guidelines into the target languages for better comprehension, particularly where training involves legal, compliance or policy matters. What can multinational corporations do to ensure cost effective Global Knowledge Transfer? Do they have to incur huge expenses for translations? Learn how global knowledge transfer can be made with minimum effort, time and cost by participating in this webinar now!

When you need to train a global workforce, it is best done in their preferred language. You could of course train select people who in turn can go and train employees locally but you cannot be sure of a consistent knowledge transfer and uniform quality of training.

Don't you agree that translating training courses into local languages ensures consistency of quality and content? However, there is a wide spread perception that translations are expensive and hence not cost-effective. But it is not necessarily the case. Access this webinar on "Global Knowledge Transfer: Should Translations Cost You a Bomb?"

Whether you would like to train your global sales force, roll out mandatory compliance training program or get employees to take a code of conduct training course online, you could consider translating your courses into multiple languages for effective knowledge transfer. Not just the courses but related resources such as reference manuals, videos, handouts and guidelines. And it needn't cost you a bomb. From this webinar you will get useful insights on how to maximize on your global knowledge transfer initiatives with effective translation strategy.

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