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In this fast paced business environment, the need to rapidly develop eLearning courses has become imperative, to quickly meet your training requirements. There are many rapid authoring tools available in the market like Lectora, Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate, to cater to the rapid eLearning requirements. In this webinar we will talk how to create an interactive eLearning course with Captivate 7 interactive features like Characters, Smartshapes, Images, Rollovers, Animation effects and Inbuilt Quiz templates. Also, find out how Captivate 7 can be used to rapidly author interactive eLearning and HTML5-based mLearning courses, to deliver content to any device including iPads and iPhones.

Why do you think most eLearning authors prefer rapid eLearning, over traditional eLearning programs? The findings of Forrester, on behalf of Adobe, reveal that about 58% of the learning professionals opined that the growing need to develop content quickly is a key driver for the adoption of rapid eLearning. About 66% have voted that the ability to update content easily is one of the greatest benefits of rapid eLearning. This clearly shows that people don’t have a need for going to level 3 or level 4 highly interactive eLearning programs, rather they felt spending money on rapid eLearning can yield more returns than traditional eLearning.

There are many rapid authoring tools in the market which can enable learning and training professionals to develop courses quickly and cost-effectively. However, there is a common misconception that only traditional eLearning can have highly customized templates and interactions and that they are not possible in rapid authoring tools. This is not true! For example, with Captivate 7 you can develop interactivities like Process Cycle, Timeline, Circle Matrix Click on Tabs, Hotspots, Media tour, Watch Try Do Simulations, Click on Images, Scenario/ case study and carousel.

Captivate 7 has long been at the forefront of the eLearning industry, setting the standards in eLearning development. Access this webinar to find out more about “Captivate 7” and how courses developed in Captivate 7 can not only have richness of traditional eLearning, but can also be published to HTML5. In this webinar you will find answers to the following questions and more:

  • How the templates in Captivate 7 can be customized interactively.
  • What features of Captivate 7 can result in highly interactive courses.
  • Why Captivate 7 is ideal for mobile learning.
  • What kind of training programs goes well with Captivate 7.

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