The 2020 Phase Out of Adobe Flash

What’s The Impact On Your Training?

With Adobe announcing to cease supporting Flash and with major tech players such as Google and Microsoft also deciding to disable the Flash plugin by the end of 2020, what does this mean to your organization?

This means interrupted learning in your organization.

Your Flash courses with valuable content, being used for a wide range of training programs will become unusable in one go – leaving a huge gap in your  training program and affecting your training ROI.

End of Flash by 2020 will witness the end of your eLearning courses developed in Flash or those with Flash outputs and assets, as they won’t open on any browser.

JULY 17, 2019

10:00 AM EDT | 4:00 PM CEST

1 Hour

Speaker: Tarun Johnson, Director – Customer Experience (Americas)

What can interrupt your organizational learning?

End of Flash by 2020 will witness the end of your eLearning courses:
  • Developed in native Flash
  • Developed in authoring tools with Flash output
  • Having Flash elements (such as interactivities, graphics and animations)

What can you do to ensure uninterrupted learning?

Convert Flash Courses to HTML5: But Why?
  • HTML5 displays content on any device and browser, without the use of a Flash Plugin
  • Most authoring tools produce HTML5 output
  • This makes it easy to reuse Flash courses, expand their reach and utility

What are the available conversion strategies?

Conversion Strategies

That’s not all!

Some hidden benefits:

  • Give your courses a new look – designs, interactivities and engagement
  • Get rid of courses that are no longer relevant or the content is completely obsolete and keep your learning offerings up to date​

So how is all this possible and how can training continue uninterrupted, despite the phase out of Flash?

Well, this is what the webinar will cover in detail. Join us to explore the following:

  • Flash will stop working by the end of 2020 – What does this mean?
  • What will be the impact on your current training offerings?
  • What is at our rescue for uninterrupted learning?
  • How can you identify a Flash-based training or asset?
  • What are the available conversion strategies?

Webinar Highlights

Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Get clarity on common misconceptions regarding Flash. Know what’s at stake if you don’t convert and get tips to identify & manage your Flash assets.

Exploring the Alternative

Exploring the Alternative

Discover the open source standard HTML5, and why it’s the best alternative to convert Flash courses and make them compatible with multiple devices.

The Conversion Strategies

The Conversion Strategies

Without source files, or in any condition, Flash courses can be converted in 4 easy ways. Explore them in detail, and some amazing value-adds you can avail. 

The Conversion Process

The Conversion Process

Get a comprehensive view of the process, along with insights into a pre-conversion checklist you can use to ensure the effort is streamlined.

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