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eLearning Translation – is it necessary

eLearning Translation – is it necessary?

Learning and development have undergone many changes with the rapid growth in online training and the global workforce. Training your employees in their native language helps them learn, understand and retain better. eLearning translation i s crucial for effective training and yet not given enough thought by many organizations.

If you are someone looking for an eLearning translation service provider who can translate your courses effectively. Look no further when we are here. We can translate your course into more than 35 languages. Also, no need to deal with multiple vendors we can both develop and translate your courses using the most appropriate authoring tools. Translate your eLearning courses! Whatever your scale and need!

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Here is How we Deliver the Best!

We take care of all your eLearning translation needs. We can translate all your courses from English to other languages or the language of your choice. We are the ideal choice for your eLearning translation services.

Design and Develop the Master course

We can design the master course for you with excellent instructional design in your choice of authoring tools. The courses we create are designed for accommodating translated content. With high standards, we have you get the best of all!

Design and Develop the Master course

Translate to more than 35+ languages

We translate your courses into more than 35 languages and dialects. Our well-qualified native translators are domain experts in various subjects. You get ample choices, and we work according to your requirements.

Translate to more than 35+ languages

Work with advanced memory tools

We believe in double quality checks to ensure near-perfect estimation of required translated content. What you get is translation, editing, and proofreading with advanced memory tools. That and a lot more! All you have to do is contact us! 

Work with advanced memory tools

How do we do - Our Process

The process we follow is tried and tested! We make sure you have a hassle-free experience.

eLearning Translations – Leading Service Provider 1

We plan along with the master course to make it translation friendly

eLearning Translations – Leading Service Provider 2

We follow a thorough process to pick the right translator with extensive domain knowledge for each language.

eLearning Translations – Leading Service Provider 3

We follow TEP (Translation-Editing-Proofreading) process with advanced memory tools.

eLearning Translations – Leading Service Provider 4

We ensure the translated course is reviewed at each stage by our lead translators and language experts.

eLearning Translations – Leading Service Provider 5

Once approved we use the authoring tool of your choice to develop the course.

eLearning Translations – Leading Service Provider 6

We deliver the final course along with the source files after checking for functionality and LMS compatibility.

All you have to do is Get in touch with us, share your needs, and leave the rest to us.

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What makes us stand out – Our USP

Well! Almost everything. We try to do everything differently and better.

  • We will work from the scratch with you.
  • We will help you design, develop, translate, and publish your course avoiding the hassle of multiple vendors.
  • We are the #1 Rapid eLearning service provider, so you are in the best hands.
  • We are Obsessed with customer delight; hence we make sure we deliver more than what you expected.

CommLab India, Your One stop solution for your translation needs and more. We are just a click away!

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Our customers have always been happy and satisfied with our work. If you too want the same...

Case Study

Our Work is our Success Story

eLearning Translations – Leading Service Provider 7

How we did eLearning Translations for an Entertainment Major

One of our clients, an Entertainment major throughout the globe got their master course developed by us in English. We also translated it into 18 languages in a short span of 2 months.

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Although English is a global language, most people only understand the basics and when the vocabulary is unclear, it becomes difficult to understand the concept.

There are 4 steps involved in the eLearning translation process:

  1. Translate the online course material.
  2. Ensure that the content has been proofread.
  3. Get the course developed.
  4. After a final review the course can be delivered.

Yes, it is possible. What you will need is a team of experts with vast experience or specialized training. However, the hassle-free way would be to contact us for all your translation requirements.

TEP stands for Translation-Editing-Proofreading. It is an essential process for a correct and high-quality translation of your eLearning courses.

Translation Memory (TM) is a database that is used to save translated content for later use. TM is now widely used in the translation and localization industries.

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