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Microlearning Powered by Rapid Authoring for Upskilling & Reskilling

Build Workplace Efficiencies, Learning Byte by Learning Byte!

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Enable learning in the flow of work and make learning a looked forward to activity.

Provide your learners bite-sized learning, spaced retrieval, on-demand resources, with microlearning. Make truly anytime, anywhere learning, in any format a reality.

Reconfigure your classroom material or existing courses into short nuggets – easier to retain, remember, and apply at work.

Pick from a wide variety of microlearning formats based on your learner demographics and content.

  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Courses with scenarios, avatars
  • Knowledge infographics
  • Job-aids (Interactive PDFs)
  • Animations and GIFs
  • Presentation decks

We will bring them to life with the latest tools of your choice.


We’ll ensure our microlearning solutions for your requirements translate into superior retention, better application on the job, and improved results!

Beat the Forgetting Curve

Set up and send regular assessments or daily quizzes with our microlearning platform.

Identify knowledge gaps and deliver personalized challenges. Push one question a day to your learners. Make learning a habit they look forward to.

Our platform also provides a wide range of reports and dashboards for you to measure learners’ progress and take data-backed decisions.

Increase retention and ROI. 

What You Need to Do and What You Get…

All you have to do is share your content.

We will weave the magic – including (based on the type of asset):

Asset (graphics) creation
Voiceover recording

Microlearning Curriculums for Product Sales Training

Learn how CommLab India created a microlearning curriculum to train Pharma sales reps on a huge portfolio of products. The 400 microlearning modules ( ~100 learning hours) had an astonishing 98% completion rate that resulted in mega performance from the new salesforce.


Microlearning for a Practical Safety Training Experience

Can online safety training be truly effective? The answer is YES, based on CommLab India’s solution for Emergency Evacuation Procedures, where employees were trained on potential dangers, safety measures, and exit routes through a 10-minute microlearning.

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The CommLab India Edge

Partner with the Best

Partner with the Best

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Not to boast, but we have been among the top 5 Microlearning Solutions Providers since 2019!
Partner with the Best

Enjoy Quick Rollout

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We use the latest tools to quickly deliver effective, visually appealing products your learners will love.
Partner with the Best

Make Your SMEs Happy

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We’ll convert your SMEs’ recordings to micro videos in the shortest time and with minimal touchpoints.

Check Microlearning in Action


Emotional Intelligence

Use this module to display team members, recent work and anything else!


Food Safety

Use this module to display team members, recent work and anything else!

"Very flexible, very responsive. They always look for a solution when we have a challenge. People are very nice to work with."

Director | Pharmaceutical

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