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Microlearning – Proving that big things come in small packages!

What is Microlearning

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a learning approach that focuses on offering learners bite-sized digestible chunks of information. Microlearning aims to provide relevant and engaging short learning bits to the learners, each addressing a single learning objective. Microlearning modules are short and focused making them an effective form of training to improve individual and organizational performance.

Microlearning has been proving for some time why Bigger Isn’t Always Better! Microlearning solutions deliver valuable need-to-know information in short nuggets – making it easier for learners to retain, remember, and apply their knowledge/skills at work. What more could you ask for?

What Microlearning is not?

Well, yes there are some popular misconceptions about microlearning like microlearning is not just one simple format or simply dividing the content into smaller chunks. Microlearning also is not ‘some’ new concept, it has been there for some time. It is so much more than that.

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What is not Microlearning

Microlearning Solutions also Include:





Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps















Why Should You Opt for Microlearning?

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Microlearning focuses on small chunks of information hence it is easier to assimilate and increases retention.

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Microlearning solutions such as quizzes, infographics, flashcards, etc prepare the learners for online training.

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It is much easier to develop, update and deliver microlearning modules.

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Being short and compact, microlearning modules can fit into everyone’s calendars.

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Microlearning offers need-to-know information rather than nice-to-know information, hence negating the forgetting curve.

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Microlearning offers anywhere and anytime learning opportunities to the learners, thus promoting a learning culture.

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Microlearning modules are bite-sized, making them ideal for techniques such as Peer Learning, Spaced Repetition, and Just-in-Time training.

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Where Can You Use Microlearning?

Microlearning can be leveraged for different types of training to improve employee performance.

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Sales Training

Microlearning is one of the best training formats when it comes to training sales personnel as they are always on the move. Microlearning gives them the freedom to learn from anywhere and at any time.

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Product training

New products are frequently introduced in the market or existing products are frequently updated. Microlearning modules are ideal as they are easy to develop and update

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No new hire would want voluminous employee handbooks. Microlearning becomes an ideal way to train and engage new hires.

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Software training

For such training where topics can be complex, microlearning modules such as step-by-step videos, watch-try-do simulations, job aids, etc can make learning effective.

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