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CommLab India has mastered all versions of Lectora since 2006. We have developed many courses in Lectora Inspire and Lectora Online. Our expert’s command over the tool is unmatchable.

Technical Proficiency

1 Case

A Single Interface that “Switches” between Multiple Languages

A major challenge faced by one of our customers was that their LMS could not deliver different language versions of the same course as a single learning asset. So the customer wanted us to develop a single course that can be accessed by learners in multiple languages. They also wanted the interface of the course to be able to switch between different languages at any given point.

Using Lectora Inspire, we developed a single course with a multiple language interface that accommodated all required languages. Users could “switch” to other languages at any time as all the content was incorporated into one course shell. Completing the course in any language triggered ‘course completion’ in the LMS.

Lectora Case 1
Lectora case 2

Tracking Formative Assessments Inside the Course

A customer wanted us to create a course where the formative assessments needed to serve as summative assessments too. The tricky part was that when learners reattempt the quiz, they need to be served only questions from the formative assessments without the accompanying content slides from the course.

We used Lectora Inspire to develop the course in such a way that only the questions that were answered incorrectly showed up for the reattempt, without the content slides. If learners did not clear the passing level in three attempts, they were asked to retake the course. The formative assessments were tracked and the final score displayed at the end.

2 Case
3 Case

Accessibility for ALL Audiences (with/without Audio)

An insurance major wanted us to develop a course catering to audiences with varied accessibility requirements. The challenge was that the course had to include professional audio for most users, while the audio needed to be auto-muted for hearing-impaired users to meet accessibility standards.

We built the course in Lectora Inspire to meet the accessibility standards (e.g. closed captions, colors, consistent imagery, etc.).  To deal with the challenge of audio not playing for the hearing-impaired and playing for the visually-impaired audience, we included an option at the beginning of the course where the user could choose between the ‘audio’ version and the ‘no audio’ version of the course.

When ‘no audio’ was selected, the course automatically muted the voice and enabled closed captions with keyboard support and content focus.

Lectora Inspire for Responsive eLearning and Rapid eLearning Development 1
Lectora case 4

LMS Interaction Reports for Assessments

A healthcare NGO that develops assessments on various topics and rolls them out to users via their LMS wanted the LMS to track the responses for each question and then display them to the test takers.

We developed the assessment questions in Lectora Inspire and published to SCORM. To pass the interaction data to the LMS, we manually edited the SCO files to display the questions, chosen options, and the correct/incorrect responses.

Test takers could also see their interaction report through the LMS in the ‘view-only’ mode. In case they did not score the passing grade, they had to approach the training administrator to clear the existing attempt and reattempt the test.

4 Case
5 Case

Customized Module Progress Bar

A customer wanted us to develop a course in Lectora with a progress bar to display the learner’s location in the course. Unlike other authoring tools, Lectora Inspire does not have an inbuilt progress bar. The customer also wanted the user to have free navigation within the course. We first developed and inserted a customized progress bar within the course in Lectora. The progress bar displayed the course progress, no matter which slide the learner was on. Even if the learner navigated through the course non-linearly, the progress bar always reflected the number of slides completed.
Lectora Inspire for Responsive eLearning and Rapid eLearning Development 2

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Customer Stories

Not only do we have in-depth technical expertise, we also provide our clients with comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that address their training requirements.

Browse the case study infographics below to get an idea of CommLab India’s capabilities as a rapid eLearning solutions provider:

ILT to eLearning Curriculum – Sample Case

Developed 7 curriculums on products and customer service for the underwriters of a large insurance firm in New Zealand.

Execution Time: 3 Months


7 curriculums
140 modules
30 learning hours

Development Time: 3500+ hours


1 Visual Designer
1 Project Manager
2 Project Leads
4 Instructional Designers
10 Courseware Developers

Success Mantra: Standardization, communication, and process adherence by both parties.

Legacy eLearning Course Conversion – Sample Case

Converted a large repository of digital legacy courses to responsive eLearning (HTML5) that runs on multiple devices for a US-based telecommunications leader.

Execution Time: 12 Months


1500+ courses

Development Time: 45000+ man hours


2 Project Managers
3 Project Leads
30 Courseware Developers

Device Compatibility


Success Mantra: Standardization, communication, and process adherence by both parties.

Translations – Sample Case

Designed product training courses in multiple languages for the global sales staff of an automobile major in Japan on their 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers.

Execution Time: 2 Years


200 courses
17 languages
125 learning hours

Development Time: 1200+ hours

Device Compatibility



1 Visual Designer
1 Project Manager
3 Instructional Designers
5 Courseware Developers
8 Stakeholders

Success Mantra: Standardization, development checklist sheet, maintaining 40%
white space for translation text adjustment, and process adherence.

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