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Our Expertise with Rapid Authoring Tools

An Authoring Tool is Only as Good as the Team Using it!

Are Authoring tools easy to use?

Yes, but only in the hands of experts who can fulfill certain requirements:

  • Medium to a high level of interactivity for which your team might not have the required tool expertise.
  • The quick rollout of a curriculum that includes microlearning nuggets, mobile learning, and digital job aids.
  • Multiple courseware requirements are best handled by the latest authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline or Lectora Inspire.
  • Responsive design.
  • Translations into multiple languages.
  • Publishing a repository of legacy courses quickly to HTML5.

What Can WE do for You?

All of the above and more! We get results at extraordinary speed, quality, scale and cost.

Check out our expertise in specific tools like Articulate, Lectora, Adobe Captivate, iSpring and dominKnow.

Pick the Authoring Tool of Your Choice for Rapid eLearning Development 1

What Can YOU do In-house?

With the latest authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline or Lectora Inspire, you’ll be able to:

Pick the Authoring Tool of Your Choice for Rapid eLearning Development 2

Develop Simple
Courses In-house

With some proficiency in PPT and Instructional Design, you can quickly produce simple eLearning courses, avoiding the cost and effort of outsourcing.

What Can YOU do In-house-icon2

Do Last Minute
Tweaks to Courses

You can make last-minute changes to your course (update content or completion criteria) any time, even after outsouring the course development.

Pick the Authoring Tool of Your Choice for Rapid eLearning Development 3

Update Your
Courses in Future

You can also update your courses whenever you want without depending on a vendor – not even the one who had developed your courses.

You could do all this in-house (as long as you have the source files to update your courses). But, clearly, in-house development works only for very basic requirements. To handle your not-so-simple requirements, your best bet is to look for a competent, trustworthy partner who can get you quick results with quality, can scale up and still, not cost the earth.

CommLab India’s eLearning Authoring Tool Expertise

CommLab India has pioneered the use of eLearning authoring tools since it entered the market. Our developers are experts and our expertise is not restricted to just using the standard tool features; we can also:

Develop and update courses

We can develop your courses using the authoring tool of your choice. Also, we can help you make last-minute tweaks or update your courses making them more effective.

Handle Atypical Requirements

The widely divergent requirements of our customers have made us experts – not only in standard courses but also in solving atypical and demanding eLearning course requirements with various authoring tools.

Use a Tool-Specific Lean Process

We use a lean development process that is customized based on your specific course requirements – including rigorous QA and QC for course delivery and functionality in different learner devices.

Develop Reusable Assets for Each Tool

We ensure to make thongs future-proof for you. We have a library of reusable assets for each authoring tool – user Interfaces, pictures, interactivities, assessments, summaries, quizzes, and result screens.

No matter what your requirement is, if you are looking for a Rapid eLearning solutions provider who can deliver on speed, scale, and value, our large team of highly trained authoring tool developers is ready to meet all your requirements at any time, on the tool of YOUR choice – giving you the freedom to update your courses as and when required, at any point of need.

How do we use Authoring Tools for Rapid eLearning Solutions ?

ILT to eLearning Conversions

Authoring tools can be used to turn ILT material into eLearning curriculums, microlearning, mobile learning, and digital job-aids, published in HTML5 with responsive design for multi-device compatibility.

ILT to eLearning Conversions

Flash to HTML5 eLearning Conversions

Articulate Storyline 360, Lectora Inspire, & Adobe Captivate are ideal for legacy conversions when their source files (developed in Flash or earlier versions of authoring tools) are not available.

Flash to HTML5 eLearning Conversions

Translations into International Languages

Authoring tools can be used to easily translate a master eLearning course (usually, in English) to any international language.
Translations into International Languages

Technical Compliance of Courses

Authoring tools enable eLearning courses to comply with technical standards such as AICC, SCORM and Tin Can API. They are also useful in meeting accessibility standards such as WCAG or Section 508.

Translations into International Languages

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