An Authoring Tool is Only as Good as the Person Using it

Just acquiring the latest authoring tools is not enough. You need a partner who can use these tools to get you results at extraordinary speed, quality, scale, and cost.

You want freedom and autonomy. We get it.

We know that you want control over the development and maintenance of your eLearning courses. You would prefer your eLearning is produced with the latest authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline or Lectora Inspire that give you the features and flexibility you want.

You prefer eLearning Authoring tools because they allow:

In-house Course Development for Simpler Needs

You want tools that can be used by your team to quickly produce simple and small eLearning courses, avoiding the cost and effort of outsourcing. All your team needs is some proficiency in PowerPoint, and sound Instructional Design basics.

Last Minute Tweaking

You want to make those last-minute changes to the course (to keep the content current or change the completion criteria) at any time, even though the entire course development was outsourced.

Future Updates

You want the option of holding on to the source files without being tied to any vendor for future updates. All you would need to do is to open the source files in the authoring tool, make changes and republish it.

Let’s See How Authoring Tools Actually Produce Rapid eLearning Solutions

Blending ILT with eLearning, Microlearning and Digital Job-aids

Authoring tools can publish to HTML5 for multi-device compatibility and responsive design. This makes it easy to turn ILT material into eLearning curriculums, microlearning nuggets, mobile learning and digital job-aids.

Flash to HTML5 eLearning Course Conversions

The source files for legacy courses (developed in obsolete software such as Flash or earlier versions of authoring tools) might not always be available. The latest authoring tools (Articulate Storyline 360, Lectora Inspire, Adobe Captivate) are ideal for such legacy conversions.

Translating English Language Courses into International Languages

It is very easy to translate a master eLearning course (usually, in English) to any international language using authoring tools. With the click of a button, you can export the content to an RTF format that leaves space for the translator to fill in the target language. The translated text can then be integrated along with the translated audio and published to HTML5.

Making eLearning Courses Technically Compliant

These tools have eliminated the difficulty and tedium of making eLearning courses comply with technical standards such as AICC, SCORM and Tin Can API. Authoring tools are also extremely helpful in meeting accessibility standards such as WCAG or Section 508.

CommLab India’s eLearning Authoring Tool Expertise

Is acquiring the best tool enough?

Even though eLearning authoring tool companies claim they are “easy-to-use” and “do not need software programming expertise”, you still need a highly trained and experienced team of developers to get what you want, in the time you have.

The best authoring tools in the hands of our experts produce super-effective learning, on time and within budget. CommLab India has pioneered the use of eLearning authoring tools since their entry into the market.

Our expertise is not restricted to just using the standard tool features; we can also:

Develop Atypical Course Features

Solving atypical and tricky eLearning course requirements of our customers using various authoring tools calls for a high level of expertise in the tool.

Develop Reusable Assets for Each Tool

 We have developed a large library of reusable assets for each authoring tool, such as Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), icons, pictures, interactivities, layouts for learning objectives, question-types, feedback formats, assessments, summary, final quiz and result screens.

Use a Lean Process Specific to Tool

We use a lean development process that is attuned to your specific course requirements. The process includes rigorous QA and QC checks for course delivery and functionality in different learner devices.

Provide Thought Leadership

Our expertise has made us the darling of authoring tool companies. Our blogs, classroom events, and virtual training (webinars) on authoring tool usage established us as the leading expert in eLearning authoring tools, even the ‘not so well-known’ ones.

We have a large team of highly trained authoring tool developers, ready to serve your need at any time, in your tool of choice.
Our developers are engineering graduates, diploma holders in multimedia and animation, with the requisite training and foundation in Instructional Design.

For more information about our expertise on specific tools, case studies and samples, click the links below:

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