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Achieve Business Results: Sell More, Improve Efficiencies and Stay Compliant

Business Results and Employee Performance

For businesses and L&D managers, training of employees to increase their knowledge, skills and attitudes is a means to achieve business results – through selling more, improving efficiencies and staying compliant.

In such a scenario, it becomes even more important for L&D managers like you to deliver training that is measurable in terms of results, is delivered at the right time and yields high ROI.

The most result-oriented, straightforward approach to achieve these outcomes through  eLearning or technology-enhanced training is “Rapid eLearning”.

Rapid eLearning Links Business Results with Training Objectives

Rapid eLearning uses “Performance-based Learning Objectives” as postulated by
Dr. Robert Mager and Dr. Benjamin Bloom.

These measurable performance-based objectives make it possible to scientifically decide the:

Appropriate Instructional Design
Appropriate Instructional Design
Relevant Course Content
Relevant Course Content
appropriate media elements

Appropriate Media Elements

Learning Time

Learning Time

Estimated Cost

Rapid eLearning Solutions to Achieve Business Results

Business results can be summed up into as “Sell More (Sales & Marketing)”, “Improve Efficiencies (Processes, Software and Onboarding)” and “Stay Compliant (Legal & Safety)”.

Sell More with Rapid eLearning

Use rapid eLearning to blend eLearning with your classroom training and overcome the challenges of logistics, dearth of qualified SMEs, meeting just-in-time learning requirements and relatively higher expenses.

eLearning for product sales training is 50-70% cheaper than classroom training.

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for product sales training can include:

  • Byte-sized online product training modules that can be developed quickly and staged for continuous, uninterrupted learning – resulting in higher completion rates
  • eLearning videos that make training on complex products more effective and enjoyable
  • Interactive eBooks that can be read on mobile devices and saved for future reference
  • Mobile-compatible microlearning modules that provide just-in-time learning
  • Formats that can be translated easily and delivered to your global sales force

Improve Onboarding Efficiency with Rapid eLearning

Onboarding a large, globally dispersed and multilingual workforce effectively is one of the challenges that eLearning champions face. Oh, and best of luck trying to get all your trainers together when you need them.

Rapid eLearning has become immensely popular among the L&D fraternity to design and deliver onboarding.

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for onboarding can include:

  • Videos of speakers or SMEs
  • Testimonials of current employees
  • Virtual tours of facilities and factories
  • Game-based evaluation methods

The most effective onboarding strategy is to blend classroom, eLearning and micro/ mobile learning.

Improve Software Training Efficiency with Rapid eLearning

Rapid eLearning to train employees on enterprise software (e.g., SAP, Workday, Salesforce and proprietary applications) is ideal because the training can be:

  • Developed in tandem with the software customization and installation process
  • Delivered in time for the software’s launch to multinational employees quickly

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for software training can include:

  • Watch-Try-Do simulations
  • Role-based online training modules
  • Online job-aids for learning at the point of need
  • Blended learning solutions that leverage classroom and eLearning
  • Microlearning modules for multiple devices
  • Formats that can be translated easily and delivered to your global users

Stay Compliant with Rapid eLearning

Regulations vary depending on the industry and country you are in. You are legally bound to train your employees on how to comply with them.

The biggest challenge in creating compliance training is that the content is dry and boring – yes, “legalese”. Other problems could be the scarcity of classroom trainers and difficult logistics.

Rapid eLearning helps you overcome these problems through scenario-based or story-telling instructional strategies that enable your learners to apply regulatory concepts. 

It also offers the convenience of anywhere, anytime learning in any language, on any device.

Stay Safe with Rapid eLearning

Although some safety training requires the handling of safety equipment, most of the conceptual and knowledge sections can be taught effectively via eLearning, even better than in a classroom.

It also provides the advantages of anytime and anywhere learning, in any language.

Some instructional strategies that can be used in safety training are:

  • Videos and infographics on specific safety topics
  • Scenarios to demonstrate hazards related to chemical, biological, ergonomic, physical and work-related safety issues
  • Case studies that highlight real life experiences and lessons for improved safety

Rapid eLearning Solutions
The Three Avatars + Our Mastery of Authoring Tools

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Mastery of
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