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Business Results and Employee Performance

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All of us in L&D have one core training goal – to improve our employees’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes – to achieve better business results. How? By helping our organization sell more, improve efficiencies, and stay compliant.
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Given how precious every training dollar is (and how hard-won those budget wars are!), it becomes even more important to make sure you deliver training that is measurable in terms of results, is delivered at the right time, and yields high ROI.
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The most result-oriented, straightforward approach to achieve these outcomes through eLearning or technology-enhanced training is through what we call “Rapid eLearning”.

The WHAT, WHY, & HOW of Rapid eLearning Solutions

WHAT are Rapid eLearning Solutions?

Unlike conventional eLearning, Rapid eLearning helps organizations rollout eLearning courses within weeks, leveraging authoring tools. It makes it easy to disseminate information faster and is best suited when learners need regular updates or quick access to learning. And contrary to popular misconceptions, it doesn’t compromise on course quality. Rapid eLearning is based on robust instructional design, while eliminating the bells and whistles. Read More >>>

HOW can Rapid eLearning Solutions help you Achieve your Business Results?

Business results can be summed up as “Sell More (Sales & Marketing)”, “Improve Efficiencies (Processes, Software and Onboarding)” and “Stay Compliant (Legal & Safety)”.

Sell More with Rapid eLearning

eLearning for product sales training is 50-70% cheaper than classroom training.

Use rapid eLearning to blend eLearning with classroom training and overcome the challenges of logistics, dearth of qualified SMEs, just-in-time learning requirements, and relatively higher cost.

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for product and sales training can include:

  • Bite-sized product training modules that can be developed quickly and deployed for continuous, uninterrupted learning – resulting in higher completion rates
  • eLearning videos for more effective and enjoyable training on complex products
  • Interactive eBooks that can be read on mobile devices and saved for future reference
  • Mobile-compatible microlearning modules for just-in-time learning
  • Formats that can be translated easily and delivered to your global sales force

Improve Onboarding with Rapid eLearning

Onboarding of your large, globally dispersed, multilingual workforce can be a huge challenge, even without the added hassle of getting all your trainers together!  Rapid eLearning is now the go-to solution in L&D to design and deliver onboarding.

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for onboarding can include:

  • Videos of influential speakers (e.g. CEO) or SMEs
  • Testimonials of current employees
  • Virtual tours of facilities and factories
  • Game-based assessments

Improve Software Training Efficiency with Rapid eLearning

If you need to quickly train your employees on enterprise software (e.g., SAP, Workday, Salesforce, etc.), Rapid eLearning is the way to go because it can be:

  • Developed simultaneously with the software customization and installation process
  • Delivered in time for the software’s launch to multinational employees quickly

Rapid eLearning instructional strategies for software training can include:

  • Watch-Try-Do simulations
  • Role-based online training modules
  • Online job-aids for learning at the point of need
  • Blended learning solutions that leverage classroom and eLearning
  • Microlearning modules for multiple devices
  • Formats that can be translated easily and delivered to global users

Stay Compliant with Rapid eLearning

Though you are legally bound to offer compliance training to employees, the very thought can be daunting, what with regulations changing from industry to industry and country to country. The fact that  compliance training is typically dry and sometimes incomprehensible (“legalese”) can  add to your woes as do the scarcity of classroom trainers and the painful logistics involved.

Rapid eLearning helps you overcome these problems through scenario-based or story-telling instructional strategies that mimic real life and enable your learners to apply regulatory concepts in practice.

Stay Safe with Rapid eLearning

It’s surprising but true that even for safety training that requires hands-on practice, most of the concepts and theory can be taught effectively via eLearning, even better than in a classroom!

Some instructional strategies that can be used in safety training are:

  • Videos and infographics on specific safety topics
  • Scenarios to demonstrate hazards related to chemical, biological, ergonomic, physical, and work-related safety issues
  • Case studies that highlight real life experiences and lessons for improved safety

Rapid eLearning Solutions:
Our Three Services backed by Our Mastery of Authoring Tools

ILT Conversions

ILT to eLearning Curriculums

We convert Instructor-led Training (ILT) material into instructionally sound, visually appealing, engaging and effective eLearning curriculums.

Flash to HTML5 Conversions

Legacy Course Conversions

We repurpose/redesign legacy courses created in Flash or other authoring tools, making them compatible with multiple devices and browsers.


eLearning Translations

We translate English courses and redevelop them in more than 35 international languages, taking care of localization as well.

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