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Our client is a global leader in energy services with a workforce of more than 17000 employees worldwide. They have operations in 75 countries in more than 350 locations strategically positioned to service their customers across the globe. Their revenues totaled $3.65 billion in 2021.

The company delivers innovative energy services that integrate proven technologies with advanced digitalization to create sustainable offerings for maximum value and return on investment. With their mission of ‘producing energy for today and tomorrow’, they strive to drive maximum value, streamline operations, and enhance safety. Their strategic solutions help increase efficiency, flexibility, and responsibility of any energy operation. In partnership with their customers, they are committed to producing environmentally and economically sustainable innovative energy solutions with safety, quality, and integrity.



The client first came to know about Commlab India through our inbound marketing efforts (blogs, webinars, etc.). They approached us initially in 2020 with a project worth $11080 for the conversion of their legacy Flash courses to HTML5. They were very satisfied with the results, especially our quality and speed of development. We have partnered with them on around 25 projects till date, that included Flash to HTML5 conversions and several development projects where we republished their existing courses developed in different authoring tools into Articulate Studio 360. 

They have their own in-house team for designing end-to-end eLearning projects. So, we were only involved in the development part of projects, where our expertise in most of the popular eLearning authoring tools including Articulate, Lectora, Captivate, iSpring, and dominKnow made us an automatic choice for course development.

We are on the client’s list of approved vendors and our present project is for translations.


How does a world leader in innovative energy services provide consistent training to their globally disbursed workforce? That too, without much loss of time?


Through rapid eLearning translations, of course!

The client’s requirement was to translate 48 of their existing eLearning modules into 4 languagesArabic, LA Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian, with Arabic and LA Spanish to be done as a priority.

The client would deliver the 48 courses in 5 batches. CommLab India needed to translate the English content and submit the Alpha version directly without proofreading. The client also requested the use of AI voice narration (Microsoft speech studio) for the translated modules.


As the client preferred the authoring tool Articulate Studio and wanted the translated courses developed in it, 5 developers with experience and expertise in Articulate Studio were chosen from our huge production team to work on this project.

Translated courses in each language were to be sent for review to the client reviewer for that language.


Though the existing courses could be translated into Portuguese and Spanish quite rapidly, it was not so easy when it came to translating courses into Arabic. Since the orientation of Arabic script is from right to left, developing Arabic courses in Articulate Studio is quite complicated. But we could achieve good quality of translation/development with few iterations by following a systematic process. Another challenge was recording the AI audio-narration in Arabic without pronunciation errors.

On the whole, the team found the project to be quite tricky. But we could achieve the desired quality and complete the project within 2 months with the help of our immensely talented and experienced production team.


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